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Creative economy outlook zim is a portal on the status of creative industries in Zimbabwe


The portal explores trends and issues that are affecting the local creative economy in from a global economy perspective. The objective of the portal is to provide you with the data, analysis and tools you need to understand Zimbabwe's creative economy.

Our Services



to key contacts in government, industry and academia, or professional service organisations (including solicitors, accountants and recruitment consultants).


help overseas companies to choose the right place to set up.

Investor Development Network

offers continued support to overseas companies once they have established a presence in Zimbabwe.

Passport to Export

provides new and inexperienced exporters with the training, planning advice and ongoing support they need to succeed in overseas markets.

Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS)

access market and industry information, identify potential contacts or plan events.

Market visits and trade missions

organised to help Zimbabwean companies visit the market they are interested in and talk face-to-face with prospective business partners.

Export Marketing Research Scheme (EMRS)

free independent advice on how to carry out marketing research.

Business opportunities

personalised email alerts informing businesses about relevant opportunities and developments.

Overseas business risk

Ministries of Finance and Trade can provide key information to help you manage the risks of doing business overseas.

Events and seminars

held across Zimbabwe and overseas, these briefings offer business/networking opportunities and market information and allow Zimbabwean firms to showcase their capabilities.


an invaluable source of up-to-date Zimbabwe, sector, event and contact information. Bookmark the URL and set up alerts to receive daily content updates.

Bespoke information

advice on key commercial considerations such as company registration, immigration, financial incentives, labour, real estate, transport, utilities and regulatory issues.

Policy Dialogue

Creative Economy Policy Dialogue Series (CEPODIS) seeks to broaden the discussion about creative economy policies to include the interests of small to medium creative industries. Today, with global competition expanding, market and capital inequalities rising, and the high turnover of new technologies threatening viability of small to medium creative industries, it is as crucial they have a voice in the economic discourse. The CEPODIS publishes books and reports; sponsors conferences and seminars; briefs policy makers; as well as provides support to civil society activists and creative economic justice campaigners.

What we Offer!

On creative economy outlook zim, you will find a comprehensive mix of news, analysis, references, articles, data, charts and tools. These have been provided both by our core team , contributors and by members of our extended community. We offer both free and paid services.

  • A significant part of the portal is ground-breaking work in progress to be informed by research. The aspiration is to move those aspects of the local creative economy that still lag behind, up to speed with mainstream local and global creative economic trends and best practices.

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